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TOTO Grab Bar

TOTO Grab Bar

Need in Needs

No need to request help or wait for anyone to help you, Grab bar is available to allow you to help yourself.

Better Assistant

Falling and wrong holding by another person is no more! Grab bar is durable and reliable to handle your weight.


It is chic and minimal. It is made to suite your Bathroom furniture with keeping the space neat and comfortable.

Now you Can Help yourself!

As TOTO Main goal is to provide safety and comfortability Grab bar has been introduced. it a bar entitled to provide the necessary comfort for people with special needs.

It has an exquisite appearance that would enhance the bathroom elegancy. Being made Stainless steel and resin, the anti-fouling white pipe is featured to be durable and endurance.

The grab bar size is 700*160mm and easy to install and use. Moreover, it has Multi-use handrails that can be easily used by physical challenged people in public.

The World's Largest Sanitary Manufacturer!

As a mission TOTO identified Cleanliness and Comfort, Environment, and Relationships, themes that impact both our business and society, as material issues.

TOTO is famous for creating safe and comfortable spaces for people in a busy and tense world to help them relax both physically and mentally.