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Our Services

Our Philosophy in Simply  and Quality Interiors

Nabina Interiors is one of the top Interior Design firms in Doha. Since 2012 the business has made a significant twist in decorating trends in Doha. 

Composed with highly skilled and experienced engineers from around the globe which provides diversity of high impact decorative solutions. 

The core values to an organization are the key to success. The same core values established in 1951 and which prevail till date at Nabina, were the pillars to start in 2012 with Nabina interiors. A sustainable growth of this division composed with highly skilled and experimented engineers from around the globe, ensures diversity and high impact decorative solutions.

Transparency, Quality and Timely delivery are fundamental to our success. By sharing their successful experiences with other potential stakeholders our Clients have been the sponsors of our growth.

We continue to grow, we continue to diversify and we continue to ensure to our Clients that the same quality service is being provided.

Our Recent Projects

Project Management Planning

We have highly professional team that will assign your project management plan for cost, time, scope, quality etc. Our team will ensure that your project is following best procedures to be achieved on time with excellence.

Landscape Design

As much as the importance of taking care of inner details, outsider details are also important. We aim that you feel the joy of our designs from outside your doorstep. We have various design concepts for your garden and external sitting, there will be no need to leave home anymore!

Fit Out Execution

Hard work is done? Let’s start customizing the space! We provide exceptional fit-outs for all areas; we also have wide textures & colors within a large range of building materials. We own one of the most luxurious kitchens that would defiantly add elegancy to your building.

Glass Factory

In love with modern high-tech interiors? We provide intelligent, elegance and creative glass solutions that follow that latest trends. In addition, it will give your space a wider luxury look. Moreover, we are providing UV printing to ensure that different look that you are looking for.

Civil Work Execution

Once drawings are ready hard work will begin! We provide first-class civil work that includes but not limited to digging ground, foundations, skelton, all mep first fix, block works, plaster work and adjusting best water & heat proofing systems.

Interior Design

We will be providing fanciest recommendations for designing chic & durable furniture and sanity wears. We design entrances, home libraries, living rooms, bedrooms, toilets, dining rooms, outdoors sittings & landscaped etc.

Flooring Solution

Wondered what to cover the floor with? We help you decide the best flooring solution that fits your space. We install all types of floorings included not limited to ceramic, marble, porcelain, wooden parquet, grass and mozaiek.

Lighting Solutions

We provide the entire spectrum of Integrated services in lighting solutions, whether it is getting involved at the conception stage to building lighting design as an integrated part of the project, defining technical specifications, or supplying and installing quality lighting products during the execution stage.

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