Wudumate Mobile



  • WuduMate

Compact, movable WuduMate with handle & wheels for moving from room to room.

  • Name of Product :Wudumate Mobile
  • Weight: 15kg – 20kg.
  • Size: 500mm x 530mm.
  • Retractable stool and bowl which can be pulled out for use, and discreetly stowed for storage or for wheeling elsewhere.
  • A 14 litre upper reservoir which can be either be removed, taken to a waster source for filling or wheeled to a water source and filled with a hose.
  • A 14 litre lower reservoir which can either be removed and carried to a basin/drain for emptying, or wheeled to a basin/drain and emptied with optional internal pump and hose.
  • A tap with 0.5 litre per minute aerator giving approximately 14 minutes running water for wudu before emptying/refilling.
  • Ball valve controlled mains water supply and an outlet to mains drains for multiple units for events.
  • Color: white
  • Country: UK

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